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SWWNewCover_edited-THUMBNAILFRONT Swimming With Wings  by Lee Libro

For most seventeen-year-olds, graduating high school and planning college means leaving the nest and shedding old childhood hangups, a chance to form a new identity. Lark Jennison can’t because she didn’t plan. She’s been too bogged down emotionally. All year long, ever since her mother died, she thinks she has wings. People think she’s crazy, but it’s just that her artistic imagination helps her escape the pain of loss and the doldrums of living in a small town, smothered in humidity and small opinions along the Savannah River. Orphaned and under the guardianship of a brother who cares too much about the family name and his golf swing, she lives in their old mansion under the shadow of a family legacy fraught with rumors and too much disrepair. She feels as if leaving the nest is unattainable, as unlikely as a bird swimming with its wings.

When she meets some of the “river gypsies”, families of Italian descent, living in the woods on the next town over, her world begins to change and she feels saved. She’s found kindred souls, especially in that of Peter Roma, whose father died alongside Lark’s father in the same drowning accident. Along with glimpses into the families’ past ties and the Roma’s mystic roots, Lark finds love, spirit and the artistic conviction she’ll need to go to art school, but when you’re crazy in love, how do you leave?
Like his grandfather and many before him, Peter carries on the tradition of being a light healer, but in a world of corruption and religious fanaticism, he misinterprets his gift. As he and Lark set out on their journeys into adulthood, one is lost and one is found, but in the end what will save them?
The first edition of Swimming with Wings was released in 2010 and is available on order through your local book store. The second edition will be released in October 2014. Also available at Amazon.com.

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    1. Thanks, Dannie. Nice to hear from you all the way from Thailand! Lark is a character close to my heart and Swimming with Wings, as my first novel, is as well. I don’t know if you’ve seen the new edition that just came out. New cover, some editing, but same story.

      1. I didn’t see much that needed editing in the first edition, but it will be good to meet Lark again. BTW. I’m now living across the State from you– at least for a while– in Port St Lucie. Haven’t given up my homes in Thailand and do miss it.

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