Book Cover Design Service

How much should I expect to pay for a custom book design?

With your deposit of $150.00 you will be presented with three or four concepts from which to choose along with the quoted costs of each. Prices vary by the complexity of the design and run anywhere from $300.00 to $750.00, but unless you are enlisting the use of my hand painted media (watercolors and acrylics) the average cost is usually $350, which includes your initial concept deposit of $150.00.

What is entailed in the process of working with you to create my book cover?

Step 1

Concepting: You’ll be provided with 3 to 6 preliminary concepts based on the ideas, story elements and genre you wish to convey. You can communicate these to me through e-mail or phone and then I’ll create 3 to 6 concepts, laid out as full front and back cover spreads with images that might best accomplish your goal. Each of the concepts will be presented you as a pdf proof along with firm quotes associated with each, for executing the final print files to produce the book cover. Concepting costs $150.00, which does not commit you to Steps 2 and 3, final execution of the work, but acts as a deposit toward the total cost.

Step 2

Creation: Once you choose a concept, I work closely with you to meet all of the specifications of your publishing house, incorporate your alterations, add in the text and all other elements you may wish. Along the way you are presented with proofs of the work in progress, which offer you a chance to review the execution of the concept and redirect or approve the file. When the file meets with your approval I prepare final files to your publisher’s specifications.

Step 3

Follow-Up: After you have printed your first proof at your publisher, I follow-up by providing any adjustments necessary, for example, adjusting ink densities or repositioning of the spine text.

How long does it take you to create a book cover for me from concept to delivery?

Step 1 takes no more than 3 days from the time we discuss your ideas to delivery of proof. Step 2, creation of final files typically takes 7-14 days. If the design is unusually complex, it may require more time. Step 3, the follow-up period will depend on whether or not adjustments will be required and the lead time between proofs dictated by your publishing house. All of our revisions to final files are handled promptly to ensure expedient completion of your book launch.

Who owns the licensing of the final image?

For print runs under 500,000 any images acquired or created to execute the book cover design are copyrighted and licensed to me, the artist. I am happy to sign a transfer of license to you, the author. This protects you and allows you to retain licensing rights to your book cover or any other images derived from your book cover as you continue to run promotions.

What will you need from me?

Before we begin I like to know the following print specifications for your book:

1) Who is publishing the book?

2) Is your book going to be printed as a paperback, hardback with paper jacket, or a direct print hardback?

3) Height and width measurements of the book

4) Total number of pages in your final book interior. This is the total number of pages after text styling and formatting has been applied, not the number of words or the number of pages of your raw manuscript. This quantity includes all front and back matter, i.e., title and copyright pages, dedication, appendices, etc as well as blank pages.

5) What type of paper are you using and what is the thickness? If you do not know, we can contact the publisher or printer and find out for you.

6) What is your ISBN and will the bar code be furnished?

How do I pay?

If you are interested in ordering book cover or any other graphic design services, please e-mail me at TheQuillGuild@aol.com or fill out the form here. After we have corresponded I will send you an invoice via PayPal.

When do I pay?

For book cover concepts and most other graphic services I expect to be paid in advance of service. However, for the completion of a book cover, I do not expect full payment until after step 2 and prior to delivery of final files for upload at your publisher.


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